A More Civilized Podcast


Ep. 037 - Is There Good In Him?

April 10, 2019

Kylo Ren. Ben Solo. The Jedi Killer. Benjamin Swolo. The "lo" in "Reylo" and the "Kyl" in the less-widespread "Kylux." He is one of the central characters (or even, arguably, the central character) of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and one of the most-oft debated questions of the new movies regards his fate. Join our gentleman hosts as they debate: Is Kylo Ren's story one of redemption? Is it a tragedy? Or could it even be something else?

And if, by chance, you are listening to this episode after the release of Episode IX, please let us know of your amazement at our astounding prescience/your amusement at our naive ignorance.