A More Civilized Podcast


Ep. 088 - A History of “Star Wars”

Welcome to the world's most adequate "Star Wars" podcast! Join our gentlemen hosts for a review and summation of the history of the "Star Wars" program, from its conception to what it has evolved into today.


Ep. 087 - Rise of the Rant

It's no secret that our gentleman hosts, as well as significant portions of the movie-viewing world, dislike The Rise of Skywalker. Many people have expressed confusion over this opinion; so today, Chris digs into the myriad story failings regarding the movie's most significant characters: Rey, Kylo, Luke, and Leia.


Nerf Nugget 011 - State of the Resistance Series Finale

...what? Why are you all here? Oh, right... Resistance ended, and we were doing Nerf Nuggets on that. Sure, okay then. Um...

Join our gentlemen hosts as they discuss the ending of Star Wars: Resistance and also open some gifts and stuff.


Ep. 086 - Duel of the Greats

From its humble origins in Obi-wan and Vader's first duel in Episode 4, the lightsaber duel has become an iconic staple of almost every Star Wars movie. Today our gentlemen hosts review and rate each of the live-action lightsaber battles from the movies, from the most boring and forgettable to the most emotional and impressive.


Ep. 085 - Passion Without Conscience

If there is any fandom in the world that is known for behaving... less than politely online and sometimes in person, it is the Star Wars fandom. Today, our gentlemen hosts discuss some of the low points in the history of our fandom: particularly as they affected actors Jake Lloyd, Ahmed Best, Daisy Ridley, Kelly Marie Tran, and others.


Ep. 084 - Back from the Edge!

The dark times are over: Ross and Carrie have returned to us once again. And they have brought with them firsthand knowledge of that little slice of a place far, far away known as Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Join us for their review of Disneyland's newest park.


Ep. 083 - Pitching for Love

This February, you've heard our gentleman hosts discuss Star Wars: Lost Stars, chick flicks, the women of Star Wars, and the best couples of Star Wars. Today, they roll it all together to pitch (or rather, mad-lib) some completely sincere and realistic ideas for some Star Wars chick flicks!


Ep. 082 - Rock Me Like A HeraKane!

Quite a few characters have gotten together, fallen in love, hooked up, or simply mashed face over the course of the Star Wars movies and shows. Today, our gentlemen hosts discuss some of their favorite couples from the Star Wars universe (and some that weren't so great).


Ep. 081 - Hello, What Have We Here?

Dedicated listeners will recall last year's Valentine's Day episode (Ep. 29 - A Gorgeous Guy Like Me), in which our gentlemen hosts were joined by their wives for a serious discussion of the romantical attributes of the men of Star Wars. This year, the script is flipped: welcome to a discussion of the women of Star Wars!


Ep. 080 - In Love With Lost Stars

One of the first new Star Wars novels of the Disney-owned era was Lost Stars by Claudia Gray. As with all things Star Wars, some fans loved it, and some fans did not. Our gentleman host Kyler loves it, and today he wants to tell you why. The primary reason? It's a chick flick in Star Wars novel form, and he adores chick flicks. He has a list, in fact.