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Bonus Episode - A Gorgeous Guy Like Me Extended Edition

Back and better than ever: the un-edited, full two-and-a-half-hour version of the 2019 Valentine's Day episode! Join our gentlemen hosts and their wives as they discuss the sexiest hunks of Star Wars manhood.


Ep. 094 - Swan Song

For a year and a half, we your gentlemen hosts have enjoyed getting together to discuss that noblest of franchises, Star Wars. We have been both flattered and flabbergasted that so many of you have given your precious time to listen to us. Thank you, dear listeners. And may the Force be with you. Always.


Ep. 093 - Yeah, But Who Are We, Really?

"Which Star Wars character are you?" quizzes have been popular on the Internet for about as long as there have been quizzes on the Internet. And since (some of) you asked, our gentlemen hosts are here to answer: which Star Wars characters are they?


Ep.092 - Insane Star Wars Statistics

The Star Wars galaxy is filled with gargantuan spaceships, uncounted planets, and a whole lot of mind-bending statistics. Today, our gentlemen hosts delve into some of the strangest and most unlikely of numbers hiding in our favorite franchise.


Ep. 091 - The Price (On Your Head) Is Right

Regular listeners have heard many a quiz show from our gentlemen hosts. Today, they vary things up. Official Fact-Checker Steven once again joins us to compete with Kyler to see which of them knows the sequel trilogy best!


Ep. 090 - Darkness on Umbara

If you have been watching season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+, you may have wondered why our gentlemen hosts haven't discussed the show more often. Well, wait no longer. Today our hosts revisit Captain Rex, Pong Krell, and the Umbara campaign.


Ep. 089 - For Science!

Regular listeners may remember a certain debate from Episode 13: Battle of the Bads!, wherin Kyler insisted that Episode 1 was redundant to the prequel trilogy, while Ross insisted the same of Episode 2. Well, it turns out that Kyler, despite having won the debate, hasn't let it go yet. So he found a couple of guests who had never seen Star Wars and assigned them an experiment... for science!


Ep. 088 - A History of “Star Wars”

Welcome to the world's most adequate "Star Wars" podcast! Join our gentlemen hosts for a review and summation of the history of the "Star Wars" program, from its conception to what it has evolved into today.


Ep. 087 - Rise of the Rant

It's no secret that our gentleman hosts, as well as significant portions of the movie-viewing world, dislike The Rise of Skywalker. Many people have expressed confusion over this opinion; so today, Chris digs into the myriad story failings regarding the movie's most significant characters: Rey, Kylo, Luke, and Leia.


Nerf Nugget 011 - State of the Resistance Series Finale

...what? Why are you all here? Oh, right... Resistance ended, and we were doing Nerf Nuggets on that. Sure, okay then. Um...

Join our gentlemen hosts as they discuss the ending of Star Wars: Resistance and also open some gifts and stuff.